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Nationwide Tour

New Hope Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

On February 17, 2024, the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, witnessed the electrifying presence of Donald E Archey, celebrated author and motivational luminary, as he graced the stage of the Nationwide Tour at New Hope Baptist Church. With an unwavering spirit and profound insights, Archey captivated the audience with his empowering words, igniting flames of inspiration and purpose. Against the backdrop of his transformative book, “The Key To Unlock Happiness,” Archey eloquently shared keys to unlocking the doors of personal fulfillment and joy, leaving attendees enlightened and invigorated on their journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment. His dynamic presence and timeless wisdom illuminated the hearts and minds of all who gathered, echoing the essence of hope and resilience in the pursuit of happiness.

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Seminar: It's Possible

National Black Book Festival

Every year, Cushcity.com, a leading online platform dedicated to African-American authors and literature, proudly sponsors the National Black Book Festival (NBBF). This much-anticipated annual gathering serves as a vibrant and dynamic celebration of African-American literary excellence, drawing together an eclectic mix of talented authors, enthusiastic publishers, passionate book clubs, resourceful libraries, and avid individual readers. The NBBF’s reach extends far beyond the Southwest U.S., as it beckons book enthusiasts from across the nation to come together and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of African-American literary works.

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    When you read chapter 5, you learn about thoughts and desires before it can be manifested in as the key towards happiness. Since everything begins with a simple step, it is not okay to be felt “undesirable” or undriven by passion at any cost. Because this way, you would be missing the whole point of hope and living this beautiful life that literally begins with a single thought prior to its manifestation.

      Success does not have to be amount with material belongings because greater success is not depending on going in the other direction. Happiness cannot be tempered to be accomplished as happiness has to be aligned with different stages of life. Period.

        The author explains the power of positivity and seeking joy by accepting spirituality and giving up materialism. That’s the only key to happiness, and it’s real connection with life itself. Donald Archey also affirms in reference to different motivational speakers that it is alright to change your goals due to setbacks and adversities with one or more failures in order to be successful in life.

          Resentment is not your friend nor your priority. Once you understand the real meaning of this quotation, you’ll be able to identify the true meaning of life and being happy. Life can be too dangerous and unpleasant if you reach the point of no return where you cannot forgive yourself. Caution: it’s like a disorder, so I advise you to refrain from such negative thoughts and learn to adopt a positive ideology to align stress-free life; for yourself.

            Decision-making has to come from forgiveness and commitment. Once you are able to make the decision to forgive the offender, you’ll definitely obtain positive results to stay healthy and happy in all phases of your life. Goodluck.

              Each and every word that comes out of your mouth will reflect on your life one day! So, the actual objective has to be determined, focused on positive stuff only as a causal connection, influenced by dynamic thoughts that communicate with thought to form real thoughts.

                Foundation of happiness is from God himself. If you stay connected with the holy spirit and the scriptures, eventually, you will be happy. No matter what lessons you learned in the past, at least your passion for finding the key to happiness becomes evident.

                  Finding peace by loving everyone around you will not only set you free but give insight into your moral contrast and generosity and kill your greed and selfishness. This you can do by helping others in their adversities and also seeking help in your hardships.