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The Key to Unlock Happiness

The book simply lays out the path to happiness. It demonstrates how a person can find true happiness in life. Positive thinking and imagining good things are such great tools through which anyone can pursue their goals. The author illustrates that good ideas and thoughts have a powerful impact on one’s life and help a person achieve their ambitions, which ultimately leads to success and happiness.

The Secret to Happiness

The book revolves around the concept of how simple thoughts lead to Happiness. It explains the strong influence a simple thought can have on a person to chase their dreams leading to success and Happiness. The author is communicating that everything starts with a thought which gives rise to a desire to chase the vision that thought had ignited.



Donald E. Archey is a highly honored African-American author, a motivational speaker, and a dedicated Christian. Archey was ordained as a reverend when he turned 16 years old. He has a religious inclination and great compassion for humanity. Archey is an inspiring and passionate person who has firm faith in God.

Recent Events of Donald

Donald E. Archey visit to

Union Baptist Church, Fort Wayne

On May 17th, 2024, Donald E Archey, celebrated author and motivational speaker, graced the Union Baptist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with an inspiring presentation centered around his latest book, “The Key To Unlock Happiness.” This event, held at 5 PM at 2200 Smith Street, was open to the public and provided a unique opportunity for attendees to hear directly from Donald about the principles and insights that can lead to enduring happiness and fulfillment. The gathering was part of Donald’s nationwide book tour, designed to bring his motivational message to audiences across the country.

Donald E. Archey

The Washington Mail Article

Discover the profound insights and wisdom celebrated in Donald E. Archey’s latest masterpiece, ‘The Key to Unlock Happiness.’ As featured in The Washington Mails, this critically acclaimed book challenges conventional notions of success and unveils a path to lasting happiness. Explore the secrets to genuine joy and spiritual enlightenment, and experience a deeper understanding of true happiness in life. A must-read for those seeking a transformative journey towards authentic happiness.

Donald E. Archey

The West Side Gazette

Embark on a transformative journey with Donald E. Archey’s latest masterpiece, ‘The Key to Unlock Happiness‘ Praised by The West Side Gazette, this critically acclaimed book challenges conventional success notions, offering profound insights into a lasting path of joy and spiritual enlightenment. Delve into the secrets of genuine happiness and gain a deeper understanding of life’s true joy. A must-read for those on a quest for an authentic and transformative journey toward happiness.

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    “This is a great book with the best message. The author beautifully explains the true meaning of happiness. The book illustrates how a person can pursue his dreams and goals to gain success and happiness. Surroundings of positive people also play a great role in finding happiness.”

      “Materialism can never be the cause of happiness. Long-lasting happiness cannot be bought with wealth. Archey explains how simple thoughts can be helpful for a person in chasing their goals in life, which ultimately leads to happiness and success, by exploring the stories of people who gained happiness without wealth.”

        “The key to happiness is not locked up in a vault. It’s right here, in our thoughts and surroundings. The spiritual connection with God eventually opens the roadway to prosperity and happiness in life. We all have happiness around us, waiting to be noticed.”

          “Donald Archey affirms the power of positivity, and relationships with God bring happiness and prosperity into our lives. Happiness is not dependent on wealth; it lies in ourselves. We just have to explore it, and with good thoughts, it could happen.”